Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Doing Well In Brazil

I still have more to say about the wedding but today I got an e-mail from Ian so that's what I'll blog today.

Dearest Family,      

Things are just rolling along here at the Brazil CTM. Things move much faster here then at Provo, my Portuguese has been improving immensely. In Provo by the time I had left we had only completed the first lesson in Portuguese and taught it once. Here they had already completed all four. I am almost caught up by now, I have done lessons one through three, and taught all of them a fair number of times as well. So one cool uplifting moment this week is that one of my teachers pulled me aside one day and told my that my Portuguese pronunciation is coming along very well...He said that I only have a soft American accent... he said if I keep working hard I should be able to lose my American accent completely by the one year mark. That would be SO COOL! It looks like all the work I did before coming out continues to pay off, with my accent and just my language in general...but Brazilians are still impossible to understand. As I said things are very good but also very hard, as I knew they would be. I have had many discouraging and hard days here along with all the good. It is been very difficult trying to catch up to all the other missionaries here.      

Well once again I am out of time so I end with my testimony that this church is true. That God loves us so much, He wants to do everything He can, everything we will let Him do in this life to help us. I testify that the church brings joy...one of our purposes in this life is to have joy and though Christ we can! I testify that the Book of Mormon is true, it will bless your life and if you read it and pray to know if it is true the Lord will manifest the truthfulness of it to your heart. I love you all so much.  

Last week's e-mail said,

 "Things are great here in Brazil, the MTC is very nice...Our beds are made out of mahogany. No joke. The food is not as good as in Provo, but surely better for you, I feel much better all the time with this food in me instead of Provo Food. The actual city of São Paulo has 22 million people and sky rises as far as you can see. They let us go out into to city here on P-Days! It is the coolest thing ever! So in about 30 min I will be out on the streets of São Paulo! 

"...I am so grateful I get to serve a mission and have this experience, and get to know these people. There are Brazilians here with us and they are the happiest people I have ever met, I love them! Love you all."

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