Thursday, December 30, 2010

Depends On Which Hemisphere I Guess

We have been shoveling out from the latest winter blasts in Utah. Usually Utah gets a lot of snow in the winter. It's kind of crazy sometimes. And it's getting bitter cold. There is a reason why a lot of Utah's license plates say "greatest snow on earth" on them.

I never posted Ian's e-mail from Monday of this week. Here are a few tidbits from that e-mail:

"Querida Familia, 
I am doing oh so well here, I have having my fair share of trials but the work is going well as could be. Our baptism yesterday was wonderful, there were lots of ward members there, we didn´t even have enough chairs. She also had a lot of family there, which was really really awesome. I am also very excited because we have some other investigators who are very close to baptism, they would already be baptized if it weren´t for some things that are holding them back, but they have a lot of desire, and so I have a lot of hope that they will work though these things. 

Things are starting to get really, really, REALLY hot here, I think it has been around 112 for the past three for four days, and will stay just about this way for the next three or four months. I don´t know how I am going to survive, but I know that the Lord will provide a way. It is even more hot because our air conditioner is still broken, and we just have that one little fan... Also as a side note, more of my clothes got moldy, worse this time, so I will be trying an assortment of things to fix this... I will be washing my hamper, lots of stuff, but in short, don´t worry Mom. The Lord is taking care of me, and I know that somehow everything will be all right and I will talk to some more sisters because I know that will make you happy..."
So it's 112 there in Brazil and it is supposed to get down to zero tomorrow evening here. Go figure. I guess it just depends on which side of the hemisphere you are on. Ian seems fixated on the heat and I can't blame him. I remember how blazingly hot it was in Taiwan. We just sweated and dripped and sweated and dripped through those summer months. I feel for him. The mold issue on the clothes is a real issue though. When I talked to him on Christmas I told him if he ever had domestic problems like that again to go find some sisters in his ward and ask them. I told him women could help with those things. I guess he heeded my advice. :)

In the meantime...we shovel and bundle up. :)

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