Monday, December 20, 2010

Looking Forward To the Christmas Call

I did hear from Ian today but the e-mail was short. Communication is tough when you have a one week lag to answer a simple e-mail such as what one does about mold on one's clothes. I e-mailed a long list of solutions for removing the mold on his clothes that had been mentioned in last week's e-mail and how to prevent future mold growth incidents. He e-mailed back that it was only on two white shirts which he had bleached. That didn't work so the shirts are at the cleaners. I thought about that mold all week long picturing mold throughout an entire stack of his clothes. My husband says I tend towards catastrophizing sometimes. I can't say that mold throughout a laundry pile is catastrophising but I sure feel better knowing that it was only on two shirts.

Gratefully, Ian is allowed a Christmas call on Christmas Day. We are all looking forward to that. I'll be able to ask a question and get it answered right then. He sounds fine though and says he is looking forward to the call as well.

The cutest grandbaby in the world was here for a good chunk of the day today. It is great that grand-babies like it when their grandmother's sing and they could care less if the singing is good or not. :)

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