Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Short E-Mail

So Ian told us during the Christmas call not to expect long e-mails but yesterday's e-mail was a bit of a surprise. I told my kids many times that I just wanted to know if they were alive. Sometimes if they were late or I didn't know where they were, I would call their cell phones and even if they answered, I would say, "Are you dead?" That was kind of my way of letting them know that I was worried about them.

So Ian must basically think that all I really want to know is whether or not he is dead or alive...

"Dear Family,
I only have 7 minutes to write you this email, sorry I got caught up in other things. I am well. Still alive. It is a new year. I am still working on the mold problem...The Christmas package arrived! Thank you so much, it was so wonderful to receive. Thanks for remembering the missionary pal type book, I think it will be a big help and thanks for the journal too, it is lovely. The card with the view from our house is really cool thanks...

The Church is true and I love you all immensely.
Elder Freeman"
There were two or three more sentences but basically, that's it. He's alive and so is the mold.
At least the Christmas box finally arrived. :)

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