Monday, January 10, 2011

Solution To the Mold Problem?

Ian sounds fine this week. Here is a little bit from his e-mail.

"Dear Family,

Sorry another short email again this week, but I am doing excellently! We had another baptism this week! I have already told you a little bit about C and her family, well she was baptized this week... It was an amazing baptism, with a wonderful spirit...I had the privilege of baptizing her, I will try to get you pictures next week. The work is going quite well in our area.

I found out that I think now that I won’t have to come home early for school, but that I will probably get home about the 24th of August, which doesn’t leave much time to get ready for school. Oh and I have lost 22 pounds (10 kilos) to date. I miss Nathan. Still dealing with the mold, but I have it contained to 3 shirts... I am thinking of having you guys include 2 new shirts in the box so I can just throw the problem away... Love you all very much. Email next week will be better.

Elder Freeman"

That's as good a solution to the mold problem that I can think of. Makes sense to me.

And it looks like he could actually have a week to get ready for school when he gets home from his mission. That sounds like it will work out just fine. I had six weeks to get ready for a wedding and a move across country after I got home from my mission. One week to get ready to transition back to regular life and school...piece of cake. :)

Sounds like he will also come home quite fit as well.

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