Sunday, January 2, 2011

Thank You Elders Hymas And Chiquito

Someone spoke today in our church meeting who had served a recent mission to upstate New York. He's headed back to BYU today to continue his schooling. He spoke thoughtfully about his mission and about what he believes to be true. He did not speak for long but he touched my heart deeply.

A long time ago when I was eighteen, two elders taught me the gospel. One was Elder Hymas and one was Elder Chiquito. They too had been assigned a period of time to serve as the Lord's missionaries to upstate New York. They too went home after two years and picked up where they left off and went on with their lives. But what an impact they had on my life and the lives of my children and my posterity. They taught me so much. Elder Hymas confirmed me a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They had a message for me which altered the course of my life for this life and for all eternity.

About fiteen years ago, maybe more, I had a short telephone conversation with Elder Hymas. Mind you, he was only a little older than me when he taught me the gospel. I began to try to thank him for his missionary service to me. I could barely speak because of the tears. He too had a hard time controlling his emotions. I told him that if he never did another good thing in his life, what he did for me was enough. If he could have only seen my heart and felt the extreme gratitude I had at that time and will always have for his service to the Lord on my behalf...

The person who spoke today simply mentioned that he had served a mission in upstate New York. I wonder if Elder Hymas ever said the same thing. To me, that is a profound and moving statement.


  1. A year ago, October, I found the man who baptized me into the church. I found him through a google search. I sent him a letter to his work because it was the only address available. I told him how grateful I was to him and his family for teaching me the gospel. I wanted him to know that I had remained faithful, that I had served a mission and married in the temple. I told him that I had served in numerous callings in the church and that I was filled with gratitude that I had the church in my life. A week later I received a joyous phone call from this long lost friend. He, too, had remained faithful, served a mission and married in the temple. He said he saved the letter and told his kids he wanted it read at his funeral some day. One person can have such an impact on one life. You also have an impact on mine. I am so grateful that you are my dear friend, that we served together and are still there for each other. I feel greatly blessed!