Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Three Amigos

Elisa, Sarah, and Emma are all just a little over two years apart. Emma was two weeks old in this picture, Sarah was 2 1/2 and Elisa was 4 1/2 (according to my note on the back of the picture.) I was slightly overwhelmed here because I distinctly remember thinking I only had two hands but really needed three. Jim was finishing up school at the time and both sets of parents lived in other states. We were so tired and that's a major understatement.

Well these girls grew up to be very fun loving and good friends with each other.
I found these pictures recently. When the 2002 Olympics were here, we tried to visit what venues we could. There was an outdoor plaza area downtown for people to enjoy all sorts of things. We went the very first day pretty much when it opened when there were no lines and no one was waiting for anything.
There was a crazy little area where you could sit on a pretend medals platform and pretend that you had won medals at a  random event and have your picture taken. I think my girls were one of the first to do this. The guy taking pictures didn't really know what was going on and he let them do whatever. So they proceeded to pretend they were doing who knows what here but I remember that they thoroughly enjoyed themselves as passerby's gave no heed. They were in their own little world. Elisa no doubt got the other two going and this pretty much sums up their years of sisterhood...a lot of silliness.
These pink outfits were there as props. It makes for a fun memory. The following day, the downtown area became very, very crowded with long lines for everything and huge crowds. I doubt anyone else got to do any stunts-just the picture taking. :)


  1. I love them. I seriously love them. I am so glad I have such fun friends!

  2. the oldest one is the cutest.

  3. I don't know...I think the one with the pigtails is pretty darn cute