Tuesday, January 25, 2011


It's interesting to me that as I was writing about saying goodbye to a mission and a mission area, Ian was on a bus doing the same thing. :)

"Beloved Family!

You may be wondering to yourselves why I didn’t e-mail yesterday. Well the answer is that I spent the entire day on a bus because......... I was transferred! I found out Sunday that I would be transferred, Monday morning at eight o’clock I got on a bus to Londrina, and showed up there at 8:30, 12 hours on a bus. I thought that it was going to be terrible, but it really wasn’t. There were a bunch of other missionaries on the bus too and I talked to Elder Carter who is finishing his mission the whole time about all the things he has learned and stuff. It was actually really great. We showed up in Londrina and we slept with some missionaries there, then this morning I got on another bus at 8:30 and showed up here in Presidente Prudente and about 11:00. All in all I traveled about 15 hours all the way across the mission. I was wayyyyyy down at the bottom of the mission in Foz do Iguaçu, and now I am wayyyy at the top here is Presidente Prudente. It is not quite as hot here, but it is still very hot. I just need to accept the fact that is will continue to be ridiculously hot throughout the mission.

All and all I am doing great. I had a wonderful run in Foz do Iguaçu, there are some people there who I will truly miss, I hope that one day I will return there, many missionaries do, and I still have 19 months left. It was a great area, a great place to start...We worked hard and had a lot of fun. They should have about 5 baptisms there in the next few weeks, and two this week. Transfers were great, I got to meet a bunch of new people and see a bunch of other people....Well my time has come to an end once again. I leave you with my testimony of the truthfulness of this Church. I am learning this more and more everyday how true the church is and the power it has to bless people’s lives. I love you all very much, know that I am well and that I am loving my mission, I appreciate all your prayer e-mails and love...Pictures of various things... my last area, my district. Enjoy, more to follow next week I hope."

They look happy.

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