Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sarah And Gregory: AKA Parents Of My Grandbaby

I was rummaging through some things today looking for something and found some of Sarah and Gregory's engagement pictures. They came to visit today and brought me my grandbaby to play with. :)
Gregory was visiting on Mother's Day a few years ago. We were all in the front of the house taking pictures and he just randomly asked, "How would you all feel if I married Sarah?" That is otherwise known as the 'scream heard around the world.' We all loved Gregory from the minute we met him.
Another engagement picture.
Their wedding photo. 
It was 13 degrees when they had this photo taken.
We were all SO cold!
Sarah was a lovely bride.
The first dance.
I love how they sang to each other 
when they were dancing.

And the money for the wedding...
well worth it because now I have Nathan. :) :)

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  1. You can tell that kid LOVES his grandma!! Cuteness, cuteness.