Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thoughts On Blogging

I wasn't really sure what keeping an almost daily blog would be like when I started this adventure at the end of August. I have discovered that I quite enjoy posting various things. I also have discovered that my posts match my mood a lot. It is weird posting personal thoughts and stories yet being clueless to who is actually reading them except for the few people who comment. I always enjoy reading the comments people make on my blog.

I've decided that I enjoy writing. I can't say I am a particularly good writer, only that writing fills some sort of hole I had that I didn't know was there. It seems to be a good way to process my thoughts and sometimes I learn things about myself as I post. I enjoy writing the stories of my wacky adventures except that sometimes they take me an hour and a half to write. I always enjoy posting something on Sunday because I get to write about things and experiences that are usually deeply meaningful for me. Some of my posts are personal yet I wind up posting them for anyone who happens to stumble across my blog. I always enjoy posting something about Ian on Mondays which are his P-Days.

I enjoy posting pictures of my children when they were small and matching a story to the pictures. I have kept a journal on and off over the years. I think this blog however, is the easiest way to organize everything... pictures and stories. It is sort of like glorified scrap booking. It will be a wonderful keepsake when I am all done.

I wouldn't want to blog for the rest of my life. I will eventually run out of stories and pictures. But for the time being, it seems to be very fulfilling for a lot of reasons.

I also really enjoy posting random pictures I have taken. I've always enjoyed taking pictures.

Another sunset picture from our deck.

A pretty shot of our backyard on a spring afternoon .
I love gardening.

I LOVE tulips.

One I took one evening of the rising moon

Emma won a truck at school
 a few years ago.
This is when she found out she just won.
Emma and Ian and the truck.
Emma works at a bridal shop.
This was the day she helped Sarah
 pick out her wedding dress.

That was a very fun day!
I think this was the one she chose.

Ian at the robot competition 2009.
He's pulling the robot and
wearing the computer controls.
(They made the controls look like Buzz Lightyear,
that's how they transported them).
That was an exciting weekend!!!

Elisa, Emma, Sarah, Ian, and Seth 2009.

Me and my sons. :)

And my very delightful daughters. :):)

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  1. That truck sure has been a blessing for Emma.