Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thoughts On Love, Marriage, And Families

Seeing that it is Valentine's Day tomorrow, I thought I would comment on it.

Valentine's Day is an interesting day. I always feel better by Valentine's Day because the sun is out, the inversion has usually cleared up by then, and there are generally signs of spring by then. It always makes me chuckle to go to the grocery store on Valentine's Day, especially in the late afternoon before a lot of men head home from work. I love looking at people and there is no better time than to do that than on Valentine's Day. About four or five o'clock in the afternoon, you can usually spot lines of men with flowers and chocolates in their hands. Some of the men look very happy and somewhat excited that they found something really nice for the person they obviously care about. Some men look a little troubled as if to say, "I hope this works." Some men look a little clueless but look like they they hope they are doing the right thing anyway. I saw a man in a florist shop yesterday who looked absolutely thrilled with his choice of Valentine's roses. Somehow my heart usually goes out to these men. Most of them just look like they want to be doing the right thing and hoping their gift gets accepted well.

Jim is pretty funny on Valentine's Day. Last year, I am pretty sure he went to the store after 11 pm to get me flowers. I think Valentine's Day was on Sunday last year and so he needed to go the night before. The roses were somewhat wilted I remember and it was obvious he didn't have much to choose from at that late hour. They were dead three days later I think. He has over the years gotten me very, very nice flowers for all kinds of occasions and many times, just because... so that was somewhat of an anomaly to get those last year.

I have never seen Jim at the store on the day of Valentine's Day but I think I would know what I would find. He would be one of the "I just hope I am getting this right" kind of people.

He always gets it "right." He doesn't ever even need to go to the store to get me anything. He just gets it right everyday. HE makes me happy... just because.

Jim comes in from work everyday, smiles at me and says, "my queen." Can anyone possibly imagine how that makes me feel? I have more flaws than you can shake a stick at and he calls me his "queen." He means it. I feel it.

Twenty-seven years is a long time to be married to someone. We got married because I loved this man. I still love this man. Twenty-seven years is a long time to be treated so well. I don't know about other women want, but if you treat me with kindness, what else matters? What else do I ever need?

Here are a few reasons why twenty-seven years of marriage has been such an amazing blessing in my life.

This is Jim when he was a missionary in Los Angeles when he was 21. He didn't know me then. Someone took this picture in good humor. But to answer the question, "Why Families? I would say, because that is where the most joy in life can be found.
 Jim loves his children. This was a picture taken in 2000 on the way to a family vacation. We were in the LA airport here. How can you say enough about a man who loves his children like this and is such a good father?
Another family vacation.
This was taken on a bench on Yale campus
where my Mom worked.
How can you say enough about a man 
who looks at his wife as though his whole world 
revolves around her? 
Is it any wonder I smile as much as I do?
Whenever I ask him,
"What can I do for you?"
He says, 
"I just want you to be happy."

Why Families?
Where else could I possibly have found this much joy?

Does he have any flaws?
Maybe...but I have more.

Does it matter to me if I don't get
flowers tomorrow or if they are wilted?
Just keep smiling at me when you come in from work. :)

25th Anniversary picture
taken at Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Happy Valentine's Day Jim.
How I love you.

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