Monday, February 28, 2011

Will Someone Please Feed My Son?

"Dear Family,

That’s right, I don’t exactly know how it happened but I have been out six months now. I feel like I should give some great reflection about the mission and the things that I have learned up until this point but I don’t really have one. The things that I have said in past e-mails will just have to suffice. One thing that I learned/realized this week is that in reality, a mission is about saving many souls and that includes mine and those of my family and future family. Also something that have been on my mind more and more as of late is that missions really are to increase our dedication to the Lord and prepare us for a life of church service. I know that in this past six months my dedication to the Lord has increased immensely. I would like to pass this on to Seth, I don’t know why; I just want him to learn to be dedicated to the Lord! I have learned a lot this transfer, being with a Brazilian and speaking Portuguese the whole time has helped me a lot...Oh by the way, I have lost 15 kilos, or about 32 pounds to date but is has slowed down a lot these past few weeks as you can probably see in the attached pictures. They were taken yesterday (the food is something called pastels, they are fried thingies with ground beef inside)...Mom wanted to know a bit more about my city, it is rather urban, more so then my last city. We have been tracting a lot but this week we have changed the way that we have been working a little bit and we have been having a lot more appointments. It is a good change. The work is going well here, no baptisms recently but we are working and finding and teaching some good people..."

Down 32 pounds in six months, wow. He must walk a lot, either that or we fed him too much his whole life!

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