Friday, March 25, 2011

Before He Was A Missionary...

I was going to go grocery shopping this morning but it is snowing...hard! Hello, where's my spring? I have had a few pictures on my table for two weeks now to upload to this blog and the snow has given me the excuse to finally do it.

This is the one that caught my attention first. 
Twelve year old boys eventually do grow up. :)
Ian and Seth doing some sort of science experiment.
Jim can fix anything...really. This was a day he was on his way up to the attic to fix something and he had Ian on walkie talkies from below to feed him info he needed. Obviously the air in the attic must have been less than optimal. :) I love this picture.
 They were good hiking buddies.
Many a hike.
Or how about chess? 
Seth is by far the best, sorry Ian.
A fourth grade Shakespeare play.
These boys would always just say, "I want to be such and such for Halloween and expect me to come up with a costume, which I always managed to do somehow. This was the year that Seth said, "I want to be Link." I asked, "Who on earth is Link?" And don't even ask me what Ian was....
Ian pinning a pin my "Mother's Pride"
as an 11 year old new Boy Scout.
He eventually became an Eagle Scout and my "Mother's Pride" was full of his pins. This was the night of he made the rank of Eagle Scout and I eventually got the last eagle pin which went at the bottom. :)
Eighth grade graduation .
Elisa and Ian.
Such good friends, she misses him.
 Always fixing something in the garage.
Working on the computer controls for the beloved robot.
Ian and the "Webb 3" which went all the way
to the last round of the 
2009 "First Robotics" 
semi-finals competition. :)
Then high school graduation.
Don't even ask what this pose is...
The Haka Dance I think.
He graduated with honors. :)
Saying goodbye to nephew Nathan for two years.
Gone but never forgotten Son...
Work hard, we all love you.


  1. I love him. Very very much.
    And it's not the haka....It's "hyphy".

    Remember how he could get 10 spoons to stay on his face?

  2. I was also going to say hyphy and not haka.

    I can't believe Nathan was ever that small. I'm sad he's missing Nathan as a baby. :(

  3. I was ALSO going to say hyphy and not haka ;)

    Silly Ian...

  4. What on earth is the "hyphy?"