Sunday, March 13, 2011

Brother Support

Seth asked me to read a letter he had written to Ian. He hasn't written to him since he left over six months ago. I guess six months away does siblings good. He said I could post a little bit here.

"Dear Ian,
Hi Brother. I am so sorry I have not written you letters on your mission, I guess I thought brothers don’t need to write each other letters because they are men, but that is not true...I am so glad that you are a missionary. I tell that you have changed so much from your emails and from your phone. Serving the Lord constantly would do that to you I guess. I am really proud of you, I don’t know if that is an appropriate thing for a little brother to say... Ian at the end of all your letters you bear your testimony, I think that is wonderful and it means a lot, so I think I will do the same. I bear witness that I know that God our Father lives and that He loves us. There is no greater joy that we can receive than to come to know God, and He rejoices when we come unto Him. You are in the right place doing the right thing, make sure that you serve Him as faithfully as you can, with all your heart, might, mind and strength. Do not let yourself slack, you will regret it later, the work you are in is too important. You are there to bring people to the knowledge of the truth, which will change their lives. I bear witness that I know Jesus Christ lives, and I know that his atonement is real and that it has real power to change our lives, everyday as we try to live closer to Him. His atonement is the most important thing that has ever happened in all of eternity. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and is God's word. I love you brother, I said this to you when you left and I will say it again (not that is any deep meaning, but I like saying it), do well on your will be the most fulfilling, enjoyable, and faith building time in your life. I look forward so much to seeing you again."

Years and years of raising kids makes you wonder if anything you teach will bear fruit. This has done my mother heart good.:)

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  1. What a precious gift for a mother to be able to read such lines from her children. Good for you to be able to enjoy such moments, and good for your kids in being on the right path.