Thursday, March 24, 2011

Color Me Proud!!

She'll make a great high school English teacher and her students will be lucky to have her! She's finishing up her fourth year now for this program but needed this formal acceptance to proceed with the final licensure year requirements with the student teaching portion scheduled for next year.

CONGRATULATIONS Emma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can soon join your sister Elisa in the ranks of one of the most important jobs there is, teaching. :)

 Emma won a $2000 scholarship during her 
senior year of high school from the Rotary Club. 
There was a special luncheon held for the winners.
This was her acceptance speach.
I love the look on the woman's face on the bottom left. 

 The Rotary club can now be pleased to know 
that their gift of confidence in Emma was well warranted. :)

Happy Mom. Happy Day.


  1. That woman on the bottom left is Gretta Spendlove. She is in my parents ward. (Quite an amazing woman, actually!) I bet she was already confident that Emma would be a good teacher and that they made the right choice for that scholarship! Gretta always knows what she's doing. Good luck teaching Emma - the world could use a few more teachers like you and Elisa!