Saturday, March 5, 2011

I think I Might Be The Designated Shower House

I am starting to wonder if my house is the "go to" house for showers. Granted, when we move our furniture around we can get a lot of people in my house. Sometimes it looks like a church service or something.

I hosted a baby shower for one of Sarah's best friends last night who had been a bridesmaid at her wedding. I told her family I could fit about 40 people. They said they thought they were inviting about 110 but 30 couldn't come for sure. I wondered where on earth we would put another 40 people.

We are getting creative these days. Jim and Seth put the dining room table out on the covered deck. The deck is exactly 8 feet. The table is an 8 foot table. Let me tell you, that was a feat to behold!

I managed to get 55 chairs set up after the table was moved. The shower was open house style and people came and went and came and went all night. I think maybe there actually was about 70-80 people but thank goodness they all didn't come at the same time!

Cute Cambria due in May. 
 See what I mean, kind of like a church meeting.
There were a lot more people than this.
Somebody brought this. I thought it was a cake when I took a first look. It's 90 diapers all stacked up on a cake server with baby sandals as the topper. I'm not that creative. I'm just a furniture mover. :)

Oh and then today, I went to a bridal shower.
I'm all showered out now. :)

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  1. It really is a good shower house. I like to think that it's my third floor look-out thing that does the trick because it makes the living room seem so open :)