Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Piano Recital

Seth had a piano recital tonight.
He played very well.
He took two years of piano several years ago
and then wanted to stop for a while.
He didn't play for about two years 
and then begged to take it up again.
I love listening to him play.
He has a sweet, tender way of playing.
Nice job son.


  1. Your mom must be so proud of Seth - remember when she was learning to play the piano back in the Oxford Branch? Does she still play? I think it's terrific that Seth plays so well - give him my congratulations!

  2. I do remember that. She went on to learn how to play the organ and did that in the New Haven ward for a number of years too. I think she picked up the piano when I was away at nursing school. Thanks. I love to hear Seth play.