Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Room Makeover

I'm finally getting around to finishing up a guest room. Emma moved out in October and it's March already but I'm nearing completion of her old room. Seth and I painted this room in January I think. He did a great job and now he knows how to paint. It's a pretty sage green with gray undertones. The color scheme of the whole room is kind of kooky but I'm liking it so far. It's very different than the rest of my house. Pictures don't really do it justice.
It still needs a black rocking chair, I'm working on that. I got the mirror at Big Lots for $24 and painted it black. I love a good bargain. And now I have another guest room. :)


  1. Woah....look at you Mrs.Interior Decorator lady. Seriously, the color scheming and such is way impressive.

  2. Thank you ladies. It actually looks much better than these pictures.

    The curtains were a fluke. I had pretty much thought in my mind that I was looking for something like these. I looked online and the ones I kept finding were all quite expensive. Then when I was getting the mirror at Big Lots I saw these curtains sort of thrown on the bottom of a pile for $9.99 each and they had four, just what I needed. I stood there and said to myself, "OK, what's wrong with this picture? There's only four, they're $9.99 each and they were what I had been looking for." So I bought them kind of giggling to myself when I left the store. Then when I put them up I thought, "I quite like these, they're kind of kooky but I like them."

  3. Oh, and I had to cut the tops off of them and make a different top on my sewing machine because I didn't like the top they had. Gratefully, they were six inches longer than I needed and I had just enough material to work with.

    I do love a good bargain. :)