Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thoughts About Service

I teach a class at church once a month. Today's lesson was about service. I mentioned about how we should be making sure that we are serving our family first if we are not in the habit of doing so. I mentioned that there are a lot of people who will rush right out the door to offer service to a neighbor or a total stranger yet have the habit of being unkind to one another at home. I mentioned that unkind looks, unkind words, and unkind deeds have no place in our homes and that if we are thinking only about ourselves and our needs, then something is amiss and we should reflect on that and change it. Those words must have fallen on ears that people could relate to because I saw several people who looked uncomfortable when I said it.

I thought about that as the morning went on. One man talked later in Church about how when we return to God, we should return as families. Of course I know that but I thought about it in relation to what I just mentioned above. Then I thought about how sad it would be if at the judgment God said something to us like this,  "I gave you this wonderful man" or "I gave you this wonderful woman...where is she, why isn't he or she with you?" Can anyone imagine how sad that would be to actually return to heaven and not have your spouse with you? Or how lonely would it be in all of eternity to NOT have our spouse with us or our children if we had them here on earth? Would that even be heaven at all? I can't imagine that somehow we will only finally figure out how to be nice to one another after we die. It only makes sense to me that in this life, we should be treating our families as if we really could not bear to be without them in eternity. I think that would make all the difference in the world for all of us if we just thought about our families like that now.

Anyway, those are my Sunday thoughts for today.

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