Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another Mission Call

My Mom called me a little while ago. She received her mission call this afternoon. She was prepared to serve anywhere in the world and hoped to be called to serve a Temple mission. She was called to serve in the Washington DC Mission assigned as a Temple missionary to the Washington DC Temple.

As I reflect on this blessing for her and knowing that she was prepared to serve a mission anywhere in the world, I am quite touched by what a sweet blessing this is for her. The Washington DC Temple is our Temple. She and my Dad were sealed there and my brother and I were sealed to them there as well as my sister. Jim and I were sealed there as well. Those are wonderful memories for all of us. The Washington DC Temple is a beautiful temple and my Mom and Dad had served there previously for a short while as temple workers when they lived back east. The Washington DC Temple was one of my Dad's favorite places. He loved it there and he always felt so peaceful there. It is also nice that my Mom will be centrally located between my two sisters who live on the east coast with one of her granddaughters living in the same area because she works in DC. What a tender mercy for all.

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  1. I will be looking for her when she gets here! What an amazing place to serve!