Sunday, April 3, 2011

Conference Weekend

We had a very, very busy Conference weekend with family.
It's always wonderful to have family here 
and to enjoy Conference sessions together. 
Elisa and Gregory took computer notes.
It was a "finger flying feat" to say the least.
Nathan is mobile.
Nathan is also adorable.
...But he is mobile.
Grandparents don't have as much energy
as they did long ago when they were young parents.
But then again, not even the young parents
  do all that well keeping up with mobile infants!

A good time was had by all.

When I am not so tired, 
I'll make mention of a few Conference thoughts.


  1. We didn't just take computer notes....we took them online with 50+ other people. They are awesome. So if you need any info between now and when they get posted, go find them:

  2. Fabulous photos of a fabulous subject!!! Love the way his striped shirt matches his green/hazel eyes! Nathan seems to smile on command! And I can see two little teeth in one of the photos! I am sure Sarah needed to catch up on her sleep and felt she could relax with all the family around!

  3. Ah, co-grandmother. I understand said cute grandbaby is coming your way in June for the wedding. Two words Connie...BABY GATE! Boy, he's mobile but so enjoyable. It's also time to get a high chair. Just thought you would like the head's up. :) Glad you liked the pictures, I always think of you and knew you would enjoy them.

  4. Haha very funny post! I do need some sleep...not so much energy after all!!

  5. Yikes! Better add baby gate to the list of items for Nathan! I appreciate the warning. I am definitely not in baby mode anymore!