Monday, April 25, 2011

The Joy Of Missionary Work

This very wonderful woman I have been blogging about a little the last few weeks came to church again yesterday.
She asked to have this picture taken after the Sunday School lesson about Easter. 

She has a wonderful heart and seems to sincerely enjoy learning about Christ. She came to Easter dinner yesterday and then the missionaries came to our home after dinner. One is from Mainland China. He shared a gospel message with her in Mandarin. I was deeply humbled by this entire experience. It was a privilege to hear the gospel taught once again in my mission language, this time, in my own home. It is a gift to be able to share the message of the restored gospel with others and to witness the joy it brings to them.

As we were experiencing missionary joy in our home, my son is in another country doing the same thing. I thought about him as  the missionaries were teaching in our home yesterday. This is a snippet from his e-mail this week. I can't post everything he writes because I want to be respectful to keep names and certain experiences private.

"Dear Everyone,

I had a great week this week. Things are finally starting to move again, it is slow, but it is a big relief. Also, we have been preparing to move to a new house this week so we have been pretty stinkin´ busy. ..So there a quite a few things that I wanted to talk about last week but didn’t have time. Firstly, my new companion. I am liking him a lot. He is a little guy and quite timid but he has a very good heart and we are working hard... 

Well I hope that is everything is OK. I hope you all had a great Easter, we did. Me and my companion both bought a box of chocolates and ate them yesterday to celebrate. I bear my testimony that Christ lives, and the we too one day will live again through His great and eternal  sacrifice. I know that the church is true and that God loves us. I know that we can help Him in His great work. Congratulations for your missionary efforts Mom! I love you all very, very much. I hope you have a wonderful week, I know I will. I am very much looking forward to talking to you all on Mother’s Day..."

I am so looking forward to that phone call!

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