Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Little Down Time

Jim and I went to the St. George area the last few days. I had only been once or twice before but never to stay. Seth went to Disneyland for spring break so we went so Jim could have a little rest. Turns out I was the one who really enjoyed it. Jim just needs any napping place with little distraction and he's good to go. I like a good pool, some sun, and flowers. I didn't bring my camera but I took a few shots from my cell phone so the pictures aren't great but I'll share what I liked best.
I found two hammocks under a weeping willow tree where we stayed. My grandmother had a hammock under her weeping willow tree. When I was a girl, I used to love to swing on that hammock and her hammock and weeping willow tree made for wonderful memories. So while Jim was taking a long afternoon nap the other day, I found myself on this hammock. I thought about Nanny.
This picture doesn't do this justice but these are wisteria vines which were in full bloom. They were right near the hammocks. The fragrance of wisteria vines in full bloom is intoxicating.
I just had to take a picture
even if the picture doesn't do the scene justice. 
They were very pretty and the smell kept drawing me back.
Here's another view from one of the hammocks.
St. George is a desert but it is a lovely desert.
We also went to the St. George Temple.
The outside is finished in gleaming 
white plaster, it's very striking.
The weather was fabulous 
and the Temple grounds were so lovely.
 I met one woman in the Temple who asked 
where I was from and I told her.
Then she said, "Welcome to our weather."
You can't beat 80 degrees and sunshine. :)
I hope Jim needs another rest again soon. 

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  1. I seriously need to go somewhere beautiful and relax after that awesome description. I think an afternoon nap in a hammock sounds like just the trick! =)