Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My "To-Be" List

I loved many of the talks of this past Conference weekend. I look forward to reading them when they are available by text tomorrow to refresh my memory of what was said. I took a few notes and thought about a few talks more than others. I really liked the talk by Elder Lynn G. Robbins of the Quorum of the Seventy. He started out  his talk by saying "To be or not to be actually is a good question!" He then proceeded to give a talk which required a lot of personal reflection about what we "do" vs. what we are or what we want to "be." He said,  "many of us create "to-do" lists, but people rarely have a "to-be" list.

There is a lot I "do" everyday, much of it over and over again. I must have washed the same dishes a thousand times yet that does not make me a dishwasher. I feel like I have made the same dinners over and over and over again in my life but that does not make me a chef. For all my daily "do's," it is my what I hope "to-be" or "become" list that is worthy of my reflection. So here's my "to-be" list. 

I hope "to-be" 
  1. Kind because when people are kind to me, it's healing.
  2. Thoughtful because that way I am less likely to hurt someone else.
  3. Useful to someone because that way I won't have wasted my life.
  4. A good wife because my husband deserves one.
  5. A nurturing mother who loves in a way that my children can feel that love and remember it.
  6. A nice neighbor that people recognize as one who will smile at them all the time.
  7. A caring mentor to someone who might benefit from my life experiences.
  8. Gentle because when I am not, I regret it.
  9. Welcoming to guests in my home because otherwise my home would be a haven for selfishness.
  10. Forgiving of others because I appreciate it when others forgive me.

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  1. That was one of my favorite talks, too.