Monday, April 4, 2011

Tough Time I Guess

Well I would love to report that Ian is having a good missionary experience at this time but by reading through the lines, I can tell that he is having a tough time. There are always myriad reasons for tough times as a missionary and the reality is that they do eventually pass. It's just the "in the meantime" moments that make it hard. He did enjoy Conference and I like what he had to say about his experience of watching it as a missionary:

"Dearest Family,

I believe that as a missionary, General Conference is just about one of the greatest things in the world. We watched General Conference in the stake center, or district center I guess. We did not get to watch Priesthood session unfortunately, BUT, we did get to watch conference in English. They set up another T.V. so that the missionaries could watch it in English, and it was a great pleasure. It is very interesting to watch conference as a missionary in the field. As opposed to thinking about how all the things said would apply to me, I spent most of the time saying things like: "I hope our investigator was paying attention during that one" or "think about what this means for the missionaries." I still got a lot of good stuff out of it for me, but more of it was about investigators, other missionaries, and our responsibilities. It was quite an experience...Family, I don’t want you to worry about me, just throw me and my companion in your prayers and let the Lord do the worrying. I know that these trials are "but a small moment" and that they will pass, and that I will be better off for it..."

Here's hoping for a better week next week for him...

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