Thursday, April 7, 2011

With Elisa, One Never Knew

Sometimes I run across pictures that I just have to post.
 This was taken one Halloween when Elisa was obviously too old to trick or treat. I must have been busy getting everyone else ready and not paying any attention to Elisa. When we came out to leave, she was sitting in this contraption she concocted having a marvelous time getting ready to hand out candy. I had no idea she dreamed this up but it was hilarious and very much Elisa.
We used to have a parade down our little street every year in July. Again I wasn't paying any attention and down the street comes Elisa dressed up in this waving to everyone as she went by. She had a good time no matter where she was or what she was doing.
She always was laughing or doing something to make us laugh.
Here she was pretending to be a singer of some sort.
At Emma's wedding in the photo booth.
And where did she get her sense of humor you ask 
or the ability to do whatever came to mind
without worrying about what others thought?

One guess... :)
Jim would do anything to make her laugh...
And the two of them together fed off of each other...
I guess it all started when she was born and 
he became a Dad who adored his children.

Elisa about two weeks old.


  1. Re: third picture down---
    I was not being a singer. I was Miss America. You and dad were gone and I was babysitting. We were watching the Miss America Pageant and I couldn't figure out how they did their hair so fast. So I came up with my own new hairdo. And then I went through your closet and found some Miss America worthy clothes. And....Voila! The next Miss America is ready to go!