Sunday, May 1, 2011

All That I Must Do

I have been contemplating recently about the difference between knowing and doing. There is a children's Primary song that uses the phrase, "Teach me all that I must do to live with Him someday." (I Am a Child of God). The Him referred to is God our Heavenly Father. A man reminded us today that when the words to that song were originally written, the verse was written as "all that I must know" but President Kimball said it needed to be changed to say "all that I must do" instead. There is such a stark difference.

It is interesting to note that "just knowing" something about what the Lord expects of us is not actually the same as doing it. Recently I heard someone mention how much they loved the Savior. I am always heart-warmed to hear people say that. It is the right thing to say, and commendable for all Christians to say that. I began to wonder to myself however, "How much?" How much do we love Him? If He asked for us "to do" something, do we love Him enough to actually do it? If He said, "This way, not that"-would we listen? Would we trust? Would we change directions?

That is really a good question to ponder. What is it that He asks me to do? Do I love Him and trust Him enough to do it?

I think when we die, we will have to answer those questions. What will be our answer? "Yes, I did it" or "No, I just didn't love you that much?"

I don't know if anybody else thinks the way I do. These are just some of the things I think about sometimes. Thinking like this helps me move forward in the right direction. Every once in a while, course corrections are good.

The Savior said, "If ye love me, keep my commandments." John 14:15

I guess the questions then really just comes down to "what exactly are those commandments?" and "do I love Him enough to keep them?" or "do I just say I love Him but not really mean it completely?"

Pondering is a good thing.

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