Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!

When I opened my computer this morning, this is what I found:

"Dear Mom,

Thank you for being such a wonderful mother. You have been an example of goodness and loveliness for our entire lives and we recognize what an exceptional mother you are.

We did the math and not only did you spend 45 months pregnant, but you also changed approximately 25,000 diapers. That is a lot of baby stink. And you could have chosen to spend your money on vacations instead of diapers. Thanks for choosing diapers. You taught us to tie our shoes, learn the ABCs, dress ourselves, how to type on the home row (even if you don't do so yourself...) and eventually to make wise choices for ourselves.

You have helped us as we learned to ride the bus to school, helped us deal with childhood traumas--large and small, helped us as we learned to drive, and most importantly, helped us as we came to know the Savior.

Of all the lessons you taught us, the one that is most valuable is that we know that we can always turn to the Savior in the challenging times in our lives. We saw you as you constantly prayed for us and others. We watched you as you studied your scriptures and learned from them how to be more like the Savior. We know that you love the scriptures because they teach US, your children, what source we should look to for a remission of our sins.

Thank you, mother, for choosing to learn to be a good mom and for working so hard to learn to be patient and kind and good."

I assume it is from my children and I am touched and grateful...

"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth. " 3John4

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