Sunday, May 15, 2011

More Sappiness

Jim and I went to a concert the other night at church. It was quite good because there was a lot of variety. A female opera singer sang "Widmung" by Robert Schumann which he wrote as a wedding gift to his wife. She sang it in German but the English translation was printed for us to read along as she sang. It was quite beautiful and very tender. This is what was written:

"You my soul, you my heart
you my joy, you my grief,
you my world, in which I live
My heaven you, into which I soar;
O you my grave in which
I bury forever my sorrows.
You are rest, you are consolation;
you are heaven given to me;
that you love me makes me worthy in my eyes
Your glance transfigures me in my own sight;
you raise me lovingly above myself,
My guardian spirit, my better self!

That is what marriage is supposed to be.

The words that stick out to me are; "my joy, my world, [my]rest, [my]consolation, [my]heaven, my guardian spirit."

I have been blessed with such a man. I cannot possibly say enough good things about him.

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