Thursday, May 5, 2011


Mother's Day is almost upon us again.
I found a few pictures yesterday
in a folder marked as some of my favorites. 
This was Seth's first birthday.
I think I have always been happiest 
when my children were around me.
This was a few days before Ian was burned badly
(a story for another day).
We were at the top of Snowbird.
I took the kids on the tram to the top
and tried to get this photo before any of them
decided to go near the drop off right behind them.
Elisa right around her first birthday.
Sarah, thoughtful and studious.
Emma has never taken a bad picture in her life.
One of my all time favorites.
Ian, age three.
Seth, age two.
Most of my babies looked the same.
I had to look on the back 
of this photo to see who this was.
It was Emma.
I had BEAUTIFUL babies!!!!
Sarah (who looks so much like her son Nathan!)
and Elisa on the right.
Ian's first day of kindergarten
Ian and Emma
Elisa and Sarah
Emma, age three.
A Family Home Evening shot.
Looks like Seth was on the verge of a bloody nose...
Thanks kids. :)

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