Monday, May 9, 2011

The Mother's Day Call

It is a wonderful thing that missionaries get to call home on Mother's Day and Christmas. It is good for the missionaries and it is so good for the family of missionaries. Mother's Day was a double delight yesterday because all my children came for lunch and were here for the phone call.
Ian was able to use Skype and 
we were THRILLED to SEE him!!
He looked amazingly well.
It was so much fun to talk to him.
And to be so easily connected.
He was so happy to see Nathan
who has grown so much since he left.
And to get advice...
Ian values Gregory's advice so much.
He got to see and talk to his other (new) brother-in-law.
We just all couldn't get enough.
I was touched as he talked about how
he spoke in church yesterday
about almost the same thing I spoke about.
He spoke to everyone individually
which was very nice.
It was just a great day.
 A great, great day.
Happy Mother's Day to me. :)

This was from his e-mail this morning...

"Dear Family,

This email will be extremely short as I only have about 10 minutes left, but I don’t feel too bad seeing that I got to talk to you all yesterday. It was truly wonderful to be able to see you all and talk to you all; I liked the pictures from the chat that you sent me. I felt that even though we had less time, it was more satisfactory being able to see you all. I made a short video and sent it to you all, it doesn’t say much but now I know what kind of videos I can make and send to you all, and if needs be I can just make two or three....I love you I hope you have a great week...."

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