Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rob's Son

Jonathan, My brother Rob's son,  was here yesterday. He was only in town for one day. He and I spent the day and evening downtown visiting all of the sights. I kept telling people yesterday that he was my nephew but by looking at this picture, he surely could have passed as my son. We had a lovely day. Rob would be very proud of the way he has turned out.

As for Ian, he's on a bus today to a new area. This is from yesterday's e-mail:

"That’s right, it is transfers again, and, as you have probably discerned to the late email, I am being transferred! Right now I am in Londrina, we got here at about 11:00 and we will sleep here tonight, and then tomorrow at 5 I will leave to go to my next area which will be....... in the city of........ Maringá! I don´t know which area yet or who will be my companion, I wont know those things until I get there, but, Maringá is in between Foz and Londrina. Just about the only things that I know about Maringá is that there are a lot of trees there and there is a super huge cathedral.

I am doing quite well, I am very grateful for the time that I was with my last companion...This week was especially difficult, we work very hard all week but the results were dismal, we taught very, very little. We saw early on in the week that things were not going well so we started to change things around and make sacrifices but nothing worked out right, but, at least I can be satisfied with the fact that we worked hard...I am so grateful for my wonderful family, and I love you all very, very much. I hope you have a great week."

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