Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Taking A Chance

Several months ago I mentioned that I had been considering whether or not to  pursue a masters degree in the health field. I had this question on my mind as a matter of prayer pondering it quite deeply one Sunday in January when I went to church . My stake president happened to be giving a talk on something quite good during one meeting but I suppose unknown to him, he would speak about something that was actually the answer to my prayer. I went home that day and pondered one significant phrase he said over and over again. It was as if that phrase was said just for me. It struck me with such force. By the end of that day, I decided not to pursue further schooling at this time. Rather, my mind took a 180 degree turn. I settled on a different course of action and I felt a great deal of peace about it.

For about fifteen years or so, I have said many times that I would write a book someday. I even have a piece of paper, albeit a rather tattered piece of paper,  where I have written down the titles to six different books over the years. I always felt in my heart that I would write a book someday and so I kept a list of titles that just somehow struck me. How does one explain that? It's hard to explain except that it has been in my heart as a "someday" kind of thing.

I guess "someday" has come. I must have been thinking about it a lot after that experience in January because within two or three days, I woke up from sleep one morning with the first sentence of my book running clearly through my head. It was so clear as a matter of fact, that I got up right away and wrote it down. I also sat down and wrote the chapter headings for the ten chapters of the book. I have been working on this book ever since. I have written seven chapters so far. Chapter eight is the most significant chapter in the book and I have taken a few weeks to think about it. I might be ready to tackle it today.

What do I hope to do with this book? I don't think that's the question. I think the question is really, "Am I doing something I said I always wanted to do?" It has been an interesting experience in many ways. I am finding that I really enjoy writing. I also find that I really enjoy editing what I write and I think the editing process could be an endless task because there is always more to edit. I find that my mind gets lost in what I am writing and time passes differently somehow because I concentrate so much on what I am writing. I also find that wearing hearing aids is really a blessing in disguise. When I write, I have the luxury of taking them out and there are simply no distractions to bother me and I have the ability to concentrate completely.

I don't know when I'll finish this book. I have never done this before. I don't know what the process is once I am finished. I don't know if anyone will ever read it or if it will be published one day. I do know however that I am finding a great deal of joy and satisfaction in the process. I am learning a lot and my mind is challenged a lot and I am learning while I am writing. I am happy that I started something I always said I was going to do. "Someday" was just always out there "somewhere," and then "one day," I just started.

I have read a little bit from a few of the chapters to my husband. He has encouraged me to continue. I think he is as surprised as I am that it seems to be right and we have both felt good about it. The only other person I have told is Emma because she is an English major and I wanted her opinion. Many months ago, she jokingly encouraged me to write a book not knowing that that was something I might actually do one day.

I am not ready to share about the content of my book yet. I am a religious person, anybody that knows me knows that. I have always been spiritually minded. If you asked me what subject is closest to me heart, anyone who knows me would be able to tell you how deeply I value the things of God. I always have and this is now just an outcropping of that.

At first I said I would not tell anyone about this until I was done but that no longer seems relevant for some reason. So there, I just spilled the beans. Thoughts anyone?

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  1. I hope it is published one day so that I can read it. I couldn't stand the thought of not reading your blog, so I already know the book will be fantastic!