Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thinking And Writing In Your Mission Language

As missionaries are gone longer and longer in a foreign country, the evidence of the progression of their mission language skills is apparent by the way they use their native language. Ian's English grammar has been slipping the past few weeks as is evidenced by his e-mails home. I assume that means that his Portuguese is coming along very well. Obviously, he is thinking and writing in Portuguese grammar patterns these days... :)

"Dear Family,

I am going just great. Many, many exciting things have happened this week and will happen in the week to come! I am very, very excited for our Mother’s Day chat. First of all, I will explain about why it is that, as has happened many times before, I am not e-mailing at the regular time. So on Saturday, we were happily walking to lunch when the assistants called us. They said that a seventy who came and did a mission tour here in December would be here on Monday for the monthly leadership training. The first Monday and Tuesday of every month all the zone leaders go to Londrina for a special training and the president had invited me to go, and that I would stay there until Wednesday. They of course did not say why, because on the mission no one ever knows why anything happens and so they didn’t even know. So on Sunday afternoon the district leader and I (it is an independent district here so the district leader acts like a zone leader) got on a bus happily on our way to Londrina. When we arrived there, of course no one was aware of our arrival so after some confusion we found a house to sleep at, dropped our stuff off, worked there a bit, and then came in for the night. The next day we go to the conference and there I am seeing very few other people who were not zone leaders. It turns out that president had invited 5 other Elders as well to participate in the leadership training although I still don’t know why ...The seventy gave a great training to all the zone leaders. I know that the Lord had a reason for me to be there, I don’t know all the reasons but I at least know that it was a great help to me, I had my perspectives changed about a lot of things...This morning at 6:30  we got on another bus to head back to Prudente. So I have almost no idea why I was there but I very much enjoyed it, it was a great experience and another crazy story for the mission.

Now to turn to the matter of the Mother’s Day call. We were indeed authorized to use Skype, and I am planning on using Skype. I have already organized it with a member...  Oh and I will be using a webcam. I have to go...I love you all!!"

A Skype call with a webcam...greatest thing I have ever heard! Can't wait!

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  1. That is exciting! I love technology. What an awesome thing it is for the church to be able to allow missionaries to use Skype. Not only is it way more cost effective, but you have the chance to video chat too. How fun for all parties involved!