Friday, May 6, 2011

Why Motherhood?

Why not motherhood?

Why not take a chance on experiencing ultimate joy when you gaze upon your newborn for the first time?

Why not experience the blessing of looking beyond yourself and becoming selfless?

Why not believe that you will truly make an eternal difference in the life of a child?

Why not consider the opportunity to nurture, as a gift to you as well as a gift to the heart and soul you will nurture?

Why not look forward to scraped knees, temper tantrums, girl scout cookie sales, walks in the park with a new baby in a stroller, gifts of gold spray painted macaroni gifts, or Christmas tree angels made out of paper plates?

Why not contemplate the possibility of what it means to teach someone all you know and then to simply pray earnestly hoping that they listened to what you taught them?

Why not look forward to the joy of a four year who brings you flowers (OK, dandelions) from the backyard...just because?

Why not look forward to graduations, merit badges, scholarships, and thoughtful comments by others as they try to mention their gratitude for your children who have made a difference in their life?

Why not marvel while looking at your children and recognizing parts of your spouse that you love manifested in them?

Why not consider the possibility that your children might exhibit qualities of sheer goodness that you had never imagined possible in a human being?

Why not look forward to a lifetime of intense attachment born of love?

Why not experience the unparalleled fulfillment of  joy because of being blessed and trusted to mother one of God's children?

Why motherhood?

Why not motherhood?

What else could ever compare or be as important or more rewarding than motherhood?

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