Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More Ancestry

To go along with yesterday's post, I thought I'd post these pictures of my great grandparents to my blog. I've been meaning to do it for a long time and since this blog will eventually go into book form, it's a good thing to do for posterity's sake.

 Luigia (Louise) Spadafora and Raffaelle (Ralph) Perri (Perry)

Now if this picture of my great grandfather Ralph doesn't look like the stereotypical Italian, I don't know who else would. Ralph and Louise came to America as young teenagers.

Fillippo (Philip) Sottile and Carmella Costanza

It would be Carmella's meatball recipe that I have.
These are Nanny's parents. 
She told me that her parents had a wonderful marriage.
Both sets of these great grandparents were from 
Rogliano, Coscenza, Italy
(southern Italy).

Blasius (John) Golgosky
(The surname was probably Golgowski prior 
to the American spelling adaptation).

This is my Dad's side of the family. John came as a 
young boy or teenager from what was known as 
the Austria/Polish empire at that time,
probably the Silesia area.
He and his father's native tongue was Hungarian.
I love his strong jaw.

Julia (Michalak or Leopold) Golgosky

Julia's family still remains a constant mystery to me
but she came to America at the age of nine
and her 1905 census record states that she was Slavish.

Ana Clara Kelsch

Clara's family came from Germany.
This is my Dad on her left and his sister Virginia on the right.
I have Clara's rocking chair.
I am told that later in life she was a fortune teller 
reading tea leaves and taro cards for people.

Clara's husband died when my grandfather was two,
he drowned as did his father before him.

Other names from my ancestry: Vennari, Pasewzzo, Tucci, Solomono, Rizzuto, Steiner, Harder (Harter), Woyczikowsky, Poroniska, Peil.

"People will never look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors." - Edmund Burke
"Those who do not look upon themselves as a link, connecting the past with the future, do not perform their duty to the world."  - Daniel Webster
"Family is everything. It defines you--the heart of your spirit, the heritage of your smile, not only the color of your eyes but how they see the world. You are bound by kinship. You add your own link to the chain, and that is where you strengthen or weaken what you have been blessed--or burdened--with. That is where you use the indefinable quality that belongs to only you, the bit of uniqueness you pass on to your children for good or bad, the part of you that will always be separate from those who share your name, your blood, and your past. " - Deborah Smith, from Blue Willow

 So...Who do I look like?

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