Wednesday, June 8, 2011

School's Out For The Summer

Well almost...
Today is the last day of Seth's junior year.
Let's just say that these last days of school have seen 
the daily morning caravan leaving later and later and later...
 He was looking mighty happy this morning as they drove off.


  1. aren't you supposed to take a picture on the FIRST day of school?

  2. Seth kept saying, "Come on Dad, let's go, I need to get to school." It's yearbook day you know and that would be the one day of the year he wanted to get to school on time.:) What was Dad doing you ask that was making them late?... Putting a first coat of red on the bathroom wall which I'm afraid to look at because the paint was looking more like red-pink in the paint bucket thing. Perhaps 2 or 3 coats will be needed....Oh my....

  3. Today was Kyle's last day in public school. His high school graduation is next week.

  4. I was just thinking of you this morning Eloise and wondering how you are. Congratulations to Kyle on his graduation, another great milestone.

  5. Very nice place to be--the last day of the school semester with the summer in front of you. :D Good for you Seth, enjoy your time off from school. So excited I can post on your blog sister. Love ya :D