Thursday, June 9, 2011

Yes Seth, I Really Was Young Once Too...

A few weeks ago I came across a picture of me when I was Seth's age. I showed it to Seth. He  shuddered at the thought that I could have actually ever been his age, gone to high school, and lived life as a teenager. He said something like "ugh" while shrugging his shoulders in disbelief or disgust, not sure. Yesterday was his yearbook day which got me thinking about my yearbook. I have proof that I really was sixteen once like he is now. Perhaps the fact that I keep singing the song, "The old gray mare just ain't what she used to be" fuels the fire that I am the old mother he thinks I am. :) Maybe I need to sing a different song.
That's me in the  middle front.
I was sixteen here, a junior in high school.
Got to love the 70's...
At least that's what we tell ourselves to ease the pain.
I was a sophomore here,
age fifteen.
Sixteen again.
I spent many an hour on the school bus...
And how I remember how easy a pony tail was.
Best of all Seth,
that's your mother playing football.
I was the right defensive tackle on the 
team facing to the right
in the light colored shirt.

The old gray mare just ain't what she used to be...
And maybe that's a good thing. :)


  1. LOVE THESE PICTURES!!! YOU WERE AND STILL ARE BEAUTIFUL LIZ!! I really enjoyed looking back and remembering you at 15 and 16. You were so patient and loving. Thank you for your forgiveness of my horrible big sister ways. Love you <3

  2. Bern,

    So nice we figured out a way for you to comment on my blog dear sister. Where have you been all these months?!!! Thanks for the compliment. Consider yourself forgiven. :) And we need to give you an identity somehow so you don't pop up as anonymous.

    And to Elisa, was the 70's. Everybody had a part straight down the middle. Getting my hair to look like that was no small feat, trust me. There was no such thing as a straightening gizmo back then, no mousse, decent gels...I used HUGE rollers to get it to go as straight as I could and sat under a hair dryer. Life is much easier now.


  3. It's a "straightener" not "straightening gizmo"....although you terminology is more exciting :D

    Aunt Bern posted about this on Facebook and these are the comments she got:

    LeeAnn MacDonald said "Italian beauty..."

    Stacy MacDonald Kielb said "Wow...perfect description, just beautiful"

  4. I remember what we used to do to our hair--and you so much more than me. That ponytail at the center for me with huge rollers. No handheld hair dryer yet and drying it with the vacuum cleaner hose reversed. Yeah that was a smart idea goodness these young whipper snappers got it made ;)

  5. Thanks for the help with the name Elisa! You are awesome :D

  6. Thanks Em. Love you.

    Bern, I forgot about the pony tail on the top of the head thing we did with the three gigantic rollers around it. Can you believe we didn't have hand held hair dryers back then? And the first time I discovered hair spray was a day that should go down in infamy...

    I still remember the first time I talked on a cell phone in the 90's. Rob had one in his car and we called Jim from the ocean in Rhode Island. I was blown away. Then I FINALLY got my own cell phone in Sept' 2000. I was on my way to Connecticut to help Rob after he had his stroke and I figured I finally needed one. I got it the day before I left. The first time it rang, I was in the airport. Elisa had programmed it to play Beethoven's 5th but I didn't know that. I was walking around the seating area in the airport and the phone was playing Beethoven's 5th but I was clueless and some man finally looked at me me to say..."Excuse me, wacky're ringing..." Oops!

  7. too funny (the phone story) I can see that happening :D I was so excited when hair dryers came about. Gosh we are old!