Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Married My Best Friend

Today is my 28th wedding anniversary.
Naturally, that means there will be a few pictures. :)
This was the picture on our wedding announcement. Funny thing is, we never sat for this picture. I was on my mission and Jim's Mom took two pictures of us, brought them to a photographer, and he came up with this. That was archaic photoshopping I think, but it worked.
This was the one of Jim he took while I was gone.
Seth looks an awful lot like his dad.
 This was the one I took for him right before I left.
The invitations were waiting for us 
when I returned home from my mission.
There was little time to plan a wedding because I got home six weeks before we were married.
This was taken right after we were married and we went out
to greet family and friends on the temple grounds.
A few hat comments:

I picked out my hat first before I picked out my dress.
I quite liked that hat.
I would never wear a hat now,
but it was very much in style then.
And there's the famous "hat" story.

This is my dear, dear friend Eloise. She and I served our missions together. She came to my wedding in the DC Temple but needed to leave right after to go to a job interview. My hat was a pain to get on right, the way it was intended to go on. She congratulated me and hugged me goodbye and inadvertently knocked my hat a bit as she did so. When she left I asked Jim, "Is my hat on crooked?" Jim of course said, "Your hat is just fine." I could feel that it was crooked and I asked a few others but everybody said, "Your hat is just fine." There were no mirrors on the grounds where we were getting our pictures taken so I couldn't check it but I could tell something wasn't right. Sure enough, every picture we took that morning showed that my hat was not on right. This picture shows how it was supposed to look. I only mention this because all these years later, we still refer to the crooked hat story. It's our way of saying, "take the time now to get something right because if you don't, you'll hear about it for years." All I have to say is, "Is my hat on crooked?" and enough is said, point understood. I don't think I ever told Eloise that story but my kids have heard it many times.
We were married on a Thursday morning. It was a hot, humid day in the east as mid-July always is. The weather did not bother me though because I had just come from a very hot, humid tropical climate and the east was tame compared to that weather. We had a fun Kentucky Fried Chicken picnic lunch nearby the temple grounds after all the pictures were taken. Everyone needed to travel back home and that was the best solution. We were six hours from the DC temple, it was a lot of driving in hot weather. I remember how pretty the park was and what a lovely day it was. 
The following day was a reception in Connecticut followed by another one in New Jersey the day after that. That was a lot of driving for everyone involved. Jim's Mom made both wedding cakes. They were quite beautiful.
Tomorrow maybe I'll post some reflections about marriage, we'll see. For now, suffice it to say that I feel as though I have been greatly blessed. I'm normally a happy person and I find that I am happily married. I don't think a lot of people can say that and I feel bad about that. I delight in my husband now as much as I did when I married him. We've both aged and we have been through so much together, both good and bad. Through it all, life has only gotten sweeter. It doesn't matter that we don't look like we did when we were young or that time has left her mark on us. Our hearts are still the same.

We went to the temple yesterday afternoon and participated in ordinances that reminded us of our own sealing. There was a young couple there with us who had only been married four months. I couldn't help but look at them and think, "You have so much ahead of you." I thought how they would most likely experience great joy and great sorrow, like we have. But those experiences are what forges marriages. The man who was helping us asked how long we had been married. We told him "28 years tomorrow." He said, "I've been married exactly double that, 56 years." Then I couldn't help but wonder what's ahead of us. If we make it that long, I will be an old woman. Jim will be an old man.

I could be best friends with an old man as long as his name is Jim. I want my posterity to know how much I love this good man I married so long ago.
Happy Anniversary...
to both of us.


  1. Color me blessed/lucky, and sign me up for another 28, and another, and another, and .....

  2. Happy Anniversary! On Tuesday it is my 4th Wedding Anniversary, and I feel like it is awesome I lasted that long! =) I can't wait to write one of these posts on Tuesday!

  3. No, you never told me that story! The least you could do is post one of the crooked hat pictures! Your hat looks fine in the ones you posted! I remember that day quite clearly. It was such an honor to be with you and Jim on that day, especially after I watched him follow our bus from the MTC to the Salt Lake airport when we left for Taiwan. I had only been home a short time when you got married. I'm sorry for bumping your hat!
    I love you!

  4. Also, I finished doing my mother's temple work last week. That has been such a blessing and has brought me great comfort. I love that the visiting teaching message for July is about claiming the blessings of the temple. It truly is the greatest blessing!


  5. Eloise,

    If you didn't bump the hat, we would have never had a story to talk about all these years!! As they say in Chinese,"沒有關係!"(méiyǒu guānxì)

    I'm happy for you about your Mom. The blessings of the temple are the most important blessings we can claim here on earth. As the years go on, the meaning of them are just sweeter and sweeter and more profound with each passing year.

    Love you.

    Oh, and the other day we were cleaning out the garage and found the original "JIMLIZ" license plates. We both had a good laugh. We thought they were long gone but lo and behold, now they are a treasure.

  6. Hooray! And congratulations. I have been blessed to grow up in a home with two parents who are happily married. I plan on staying happily married as well. I always remember when dad would smooch you in the kitchen and we would all complain; as I got older I realized it just meant you still like each other. Needless to say, I plan on smooching The Gregory in the kitchen plenty in front of our kids. :D