Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cross Country Meet And An Update

It was a home meet for Seth's cross country team today.
The weather was great.
Seth was happy we came to see him run.
And they were off...
and running.
Seth being the tallest of the pack.
More running...
until the finish line!
Way to go Seth!

Update: After 13 weeks at a publisher, my manuscript came back...rejected so to speak, but the rejection letter was so pleasant. :) I wondered what happened to it, they said turn around time was 6-8 weeks. Here are my thoughts:

  1. This has been a GREAT learning experience.
  2. I am glad I did it, I enjoyed the process very much.
  3. I will now secure an official copyright for it.
  4. Come winter, I may have it professionally edited.
  5. I will make sure I bind a copy for each one of my kids.
  6. I may consider self-publishing or possibly just linking it to this blog on the net after I secure a copyright. That might be nice.
  7. Maybe in the doldrums of winter, I'll send it to a different publisher. We'll see. I have lots of options.
  8. I never had my heart set on having it published therefore there is no real sadness just a sense of gratitude for the whole process.
  9. I have been told by the four people who have read it that it's a good book.
  10. Yay!

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