Friday, September 16, 2011

A Great Trip

My sister Bernadette lives in North Carolina. She has been asking me for along time to visit her. I finally figured that this was the year to do it and I'm glad I went. Sometimes pictures of me don't turn out as I like but I will post them anyway. This blog is causing me to lose my vanity.
Bernadette is three years older than I am,
the oldest of all our siblings. 
The last time I visited her in North Carolina was in 1979.
She lives in Wilson, North Carolina but has a small property in Emerald Isle which is very close to where the eye of hurricane Irene passed a few weeks ago. Her property survived well as did the beach for the most part. 
The end of the pier was demolished from the hurricane
but otherwise made it OK.
 It was lovely at night and we sat on the pier
every evening and enjoyed the near full moon.
The sunsets on the beach were lovely.
The daytime was great too.
We had perfect weather.
We walked on the beach and talked and talked.
And spent a lot of time in these two chairs...talking...
and talking...and talking...
while getting quite brown even though she
made me slather myself with sunscreen.
We talked a LOT.
There weren't many people on the beach 
which made it wonderful.
I love the beach!
We also shopped a lot. (We also ate a LOT, way too much actually but that's another story). We went to Beaufort and Atlantic Beach where the eye of Irene passed. I was amazed by one shopkeeper who said she lived there all her life and she slept through it. 
 We saw a LOT of hurricane damage
between the beach and Wilson, 
huge oaks ripped out of the ground,
on houses, a car, and just a lot of damage.
I was amazed at the cotton fields. I picked a little cotton and thought it was very cool. I don't remember seeing it before. North Carolina is very pretty. The beach area is wonderful but so is  everything else.
I met my nephew Kyle for the first time since he was at my wedding when he was 18 months old. My niece Rachel also visited. I met her a few years ago. I lamented a bit the fact that I have not had the opportunity to be a close aunt to them because we live so far away. That made me quite sad. Bernadette's other daughter Stephanie was unable to visit and I was so sorry about that. The last time I saw her, she was one year old. My brother-in-law was very kind to me. He's a good guy.

My time with my sister was short. We processed a lot of our childhood, the good and the bad... the fun and the hard times. I'd say it was a healing time for the both of us. I'm so glad I went.

Thanks Bern.
Love ya, mean it.

“A sister is a little bit of childhood 
that can never be lost.”
Marion C. Garretty


  1. It looks like you had a fantastic time! The cotton is really cool and I always love pictures of the ocean. I need the ocean to cope. I love it. Your sister looks like a very nice lady, she has a really friendly smile.

  2. Love ya back Liz <3 What a great time talking and eating and sunbathing and shopping and spending time together. Those couple of days with you are memories I will hold dear. I will try to send you the other pictures soon.