Saturday, September 24, 2011

How I Love This Meeting!

Every year I look forward to the General Relief Society meeting. I have attended this meeting in the Tabernacle or in the Conference Center almost every year for the last 25+ years. Jim used to just drop me off when my kids were young but these days tickets (free) are required. So I start begging for unused tickets from everyone I know a few weeks before the meeting and gratefully, begging usually works. :)
This year, Jim's sister Kirsten supplied me with five tickets from 
leftovers from her stake near Ogden. 
We had amazing seats this year.
 The Conference Center holds about 21,000 people.
 I invited my two good friends, Joanne and Angela. 
Joanne went with me last year when I only had two tickets.
This year, delightful Elisa also came.
 She makes every activity a great event.
I am blessed to have her as my daughter.
She blesses my life immensely.
One year I would love to go with my three daughters.
I hope we can do that someday.

I was struck by the excellent talks given about the purposes of Relief Society. I was particularly touched by President Uchtdorf's comments about how much God our Heavenly Father loves us and how we are not forgotten. There was a distinct and palpable hush that came over the audience that seemed to spread until the entire Conference Center was filled with a beautiful, sweet feeling. Women all around me had tears in their eyes and I think everyone was moved to tears by the beautiful sense of those wonderful words and the truthful impact we felt as they were conveyed to us. That was really a very special moment.We all commented on that experience after the meeting was over.

Relief Society is such a great blessing in my life and attending these yearly meetings is something I am so grateful for. The video of the meeting is already up on the internet here:

(Pres. Uchtdorf's comments I wrote about 
are at about 1:15:00 in to the video).

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  1. I loved the meeting, I loved President Uchtdorf's talk, and, I miss my dear friend Elisa. I love her.