Friday, September 23, 2011

The Italian Side

My aunt apparantly posted this picture
on her Facebook page today. My sister sent it to me.
It is so interesting to me because these are names and faces of so many of my relatives. This was the Italian side of my family on my mother's side. I knew them when they had grey or white hair. This picture was taken in 1948. My grandfather Roscoe was one of ten children and Nanny was one of eight children. I had a lot of great aunts and uncles. Growing up with them and their families was something my children have never known. I moved away from my hometown a long time ago and most of these people have passed on. There are very few of my relatives left in my hometown. Seeing these women and some faces I recognize when they were young is a true delight. Fond memories of boisterous people... also known as my extended family.

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