Friday, September 30, 2011

Scriptures On The Nook

I never saw myself as an e-reader type of person until I bought my Nook about six weeks ago. I have to say, it is a wonderful little invention. I have my scriptures loaded on it. My scriptures are very large and very heavy but the Nook is small and very light weight and it has an easy touch screen for turning pages. I find that it fits ever so nicely in my purse when I am out and about. Five minutes here and ten minutes there of waiting in the car or while waiting for any of the myriad things I wait for gives me ample opportunity to read some extra scriptures in my day. I am delightfully surprised that I am seeing "new" things I haven't seen before. I am seeing them because my Nook doesn't display the pages the same way I read my regular scriptures. I make the font size really big on this device and therefore the words seem to jump out at me a lot more. I also read them at a slower pace where I seem to "chew" on the words more. I am learning new things and taking more time to "ponder" on just a few words here and there. It has been a delightfully new learning experience for me. What a great little investment.

This morning I happened to be reading Lehi's Dream in 1 Nephi 8 through Chapter 11 in the Book of Mormon. When I was finished, I read the article in October's Ensign by Elder Bednar about Lehi's Dream. Although I have read those chapters probably more than 50-75 times in my life, I learned new things today. Elder Bednar talked about four specific groups of people in Lehi's Dream. He mentioned the third group of people who "pressed forward continually holding fast to the rod of iron" (the Word of God). He said that this group of people were those who "consistently read and studied and searched the scriptures." He said, "Perhaps it was diligence and devotion to a seemingly small and simple thing...that saved the third group from perishing." His article was really enlightening. I certainly don't like the idea of perishing. I had a wonderful sense come over me that "holding fast" to the Word of God that I cherish is a safe and wonderful blessing.

Blessings come in surprising ways sometimes. This little Nook device turns out to be a big blessing and a new way to "hold fast to the rod of iron." Just thought I would share...

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