Sunday, October 30, 2011

Guardians Of the Hearth

This morning I was reading  from the book Daughters In My Kingdom during my morning scripture study. A phrase jumped out at me from Chapter Nine. The title of that chapter is “Guardians of the Hearth”: Establishing, Nurturing, and Defending the Family." There is a lot to think about when thinking about that statement. Understanding this phrase has helped me make certain pivotal choices in my life. I have made choices to try to do the best I could in my responsibility as a mother and as the guardian of my hearth. No one else can guard my "hearth." My "hearth" is all that I have tried to create in my home to take care of and nurture my family. If I don't guard it, it may not withstand the onslaught of all that is around us to destroy us. My husband has blessed my life by encouraging me to do the best I could in my role as"hearth guardian." He always lets me know he is grateful for my efforts. I have felt negative influences many times in my life which seemed to want to destroy my home and family. I have had to fight with my heart and in the strength of the Lord to stay true to my hearth and not get distracted from my purpose. I think eternity is too long of a time to have to wonder what we "might have done." I hope I never forget the importance of my role as wife, mother, nurturer, and "hearth guardian."


  1. As this responsibility seems to get closer and closer for me I get more and more nervous. How? How do I become an adequate guardian of my hearth? Will I be a good mother? How do I teach? How do I know what to do? I really hope the motherly instincts that people talk about are real because when my turn comes I am going to need them! I hope I am adequate enough.

  2. Amy Jo,

    You seem to be asking these questions in sincere earnestness and so I will answer in that manner.

    1) Yes, with the birth of a child comes motherly instincts. If it were not so the world would have ceased to exist a long time ago.

    2) Babies don't need much giving the mother time to grow as the baby grows. That's why God doesn't send teenagers first!

    3) I always looked to women who were good mothers and I tried to learn from them.

    4) Relief Society has taught me much. I have listened carefully over the years and tried to follow what I was being taught. It has been a huge blessing to me.

    5) I have said this before, I have taken the counsel of Church leaders very seriously. I have seriously tried to do what they have asked. When they teach us in General Conference how to be good parents, I listen. There has been a great deal of safety in that. If you always listen to the counsel in General Conference and then try to do what you are asked to do regarding taking care of your family, you WILL be OK.

    6) You WILL have a lot of opposition. It will come from all sides and in many different ways. Some will come from friends even. Some will come from the media. Some will come because of your own mistakes. Some will come because life throws us curve balls sometimes when we were just looking for the straight shot. You can't parent without opposition, it's impossible. Expect it, prepare for it, and learn from it.

    7)When you teach remember that example speaks much louder than words. Teaching AND example go hand in hand. One without the other will never work. I'll say that again, one without the other will never work.

    8)Chapter Nine said "Establishing, nurturing, and defending." First you establish. You are working on that part I assume. Second you remember that no one else will ever be able to nurture as well as you. Learn how to nurture. Being a mother means selflessness. You will have to take care of yourself but mostly it means you will put the needs of your children first. Your husband will help. Friends will help. Family will help if you are lucky. But mostly it will be you. Lastly, you will "defend." You will figure out EARLY on what your family will be and then you will defend it. If you are the only one on your block having Family Home Evening, you will be the only one on your block having Family Home Evening. You will DEFEND your family. If you don't defend it actively, others will take over and you lose.

    9) You will read your scriptures every single day. Why? Because God loves mothers. God wants to help mothers. Sometimes answers come as you are reading your scriptures. They come in the form of impressions to your heart and from the written word. If you don't read your scriptures, you remove yourself from one of the greatest sources of help you have and your "defense" becomes weak. If you don't read your scriptures you won't know what to teach your children.

    10) No one is adequate enough. That's the beauty of it. But... with the help of the Lord, He will make you adequate. Don't ever forget that part of the equation. Put God first and that is all you need.

    Love you,

    P.S. You're going to make a great Mom someday.