Monday, October 10, 2011

The Knee Again

Ian had knee issues that would crop up from time to time before his mission. I wondered how his knee would do while he was on his mission. Apparently his knee "blew up" as he described it this past week. He said it forced them to take time off for his knee to get better but he felt the time was well used to review his mission, make goals, and pray. Good for him. I hope his knee gets better.

Last night Sarah called me. She said Nathan walked passed the computer and threw his arms up in the air which is his sign for Grandma. Nathan now thinks I live in the computer because Sarah and I have been doing g-mail chat with him. I got on to g-mail chat after she called and he must have thrown his hands up about 20 times while looking at my picture on the screen. If the whole world would look at me with a big smile and be as thrilled to see me as my Grandson is, the world would be a great place.

 What a great kid.

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