Friday, October 7, 2011

The Long Last Walk

We went to a reception this evening for the daughter of dear friends. She looked lovely and we enjoyed ourselves. I had been thinking earlier today of Emma and Sarah's weddings. After the ceremony is over in the temple, there is one long last walk for the bride and her Mom. There is a long hallway in the Temple where the bride walks with her Mom to go meet the groom so they can go outside and have their pictures taken. At the end of the long hallway, the groom is usually sitting with an elderly male temple worker anxiously awaiting his bride. That walk is something I have savored with both of my girls. I remember the delighted looks on both Gregory and Wade's faces when they saw their brides ready to join them for pictures. Those are bittersweet memories. It is the moment when the mother really turns her daughter over to her new husband. The rest of the day becomes a blur of flurried activities getting ready for the wedding luncheon and reception and the bride is with her groom the rest of the day. The mother really gives her daughter away during that walk. I remember the conversation I had with Emma. I told her how wonderful it was that she was married in the temple and I said something like, "See, wasn't that all worth it?" She very matter of factly turned to me and looked at me and said, "Mom, this was always my plan." That was a wonderful moment for me, I will always remember that.
This was taken just a few moments
after that wonderful conversation. 
Emma had a new husband and a new last name...
Their anniversary is Wednesday.
Tonight she took this cake topper
from my freezer to celebrate their first anniversary.
It still looks very good.
She had such a pretty dress...
and it was such a beautiful day.
 Sarah was also a beautiful bride.
With a very beautiful dress.
It was 13 degrees outside when these pictures were taken.
She was a trooper and braved the cold.

I won't be taking that long last walk with my sons when they get married but I will savor the day that I take it with Elisa someday even though I know what's coming. :)

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  1. You really know how to make a girl tear up dontcha? I remember that conversation too, it was a good day all around.