Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Message Of Love, Hope, And Faith

I had such a wonderful day at church today. The lessons taught were so good and the messages conveyed to my heart as those messages were being delivered were also tender and touching. I was particularly touched by a hymn we sang right before the Sacrament was passed, #194 There is a Green Hill Far Away. The last line of the third verse says, "trust in His redeeming blood." I was struck by what a powerful statement that is. I think I could have a good long conversation with someone about that phrase but in essence it means that Christ has already redeemed us. We however, have to trust Him and trust that His way is the right way and trust that because of His redeeming love for us, His grace is sufficient for all our weaknesses as long as we come unto Him and try..."His works to do." It's not for us to guess or make it all up as we go along, rather it is for us to "do" all that Christ asks of us because His redeeming sacrifice is all we really need.

My favorite talk of this past general Conference was the one by Elder Kazuhiko Yamashita entitled Missionaries are a Treasure of the Church. I saw it rebroadcast again this afternoon. I can't help but cry when I hear it. I feel the same way about my missionaries as Elder Yamashita did about his as expressed in his talk. He spoke so tenderly about them. He said their message is one of "love, hope, and faith." I agree. It's true, that's the message they seek to share with any who might want to listen. In essence, that message is the same as in the hymn we sang this morning. Christ loves us. We need to exercise faith in Him and "trust in His redeeming blood, try His works to do," and that's enough.
I love Sundays.

I met these three sister missionaries outside the MTC a few weeks ago when I went to try and see my nephew off for his mission. I missed him actually and had tears in my eyes because I didn't connect with him after all. I passed them in the parking lot on my way to my car. I asked if I could take their picture. They said they were headed to Rome. We had a lovely conversation. I told them I served in Taiwan. They were ecstatic to be going to Rome to serve and we shared a missionary bond. They said their mission also took in southern Italy. I told them that is where my ancestors were from and they were even more excited. I told them to make sure they didn't leave Italy without a good recipe for sauce and meatballs! Most importantly, they are headed to Italy just as my son serves in Brazil to share the sacred message of "love, hope, and faith" as all missionaries do. What a great blessing. Missionaries and their message really are true treasures for all.

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