Friday, October 28, 2011

Moot Court

I had the great privilege of attending Moot Court at BYU today.
Gregory is a second year law student at BYU 
and he was a finalist for Moot Court. 
The team presented arguments to real
appellate judges although it was not a real trial. 
 I was deeply impressed by the whole process.
I was very impressed by Gregory, he was very good.
Gregory was the runner up (2nd place). 
I was amazed by how good everyone was.
I'll talk about this a little more tomorrow.
Gregory is wonderful
but his son is his best product. :)
I am pretty sure Nathan said "Grandma" today,
sort of...Good enough...
Happy Grandma.

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  1. THAT'S where you were! I called you like a zillion times because I came over to get my (awesome!) costume that you embroidered (awesomely!) for me (thank you!!!!!!!!!!!). :)

    Dang Nathan is cute. YAY Gregory!