Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Having a fence has opened up the possibility that I might actually have tulips in the spring that the deer won't eat.  
      Oh happy day. 
So today I planted tulip bulbs and tomorrow I will finish. We have had good luck keeping the deer OUT of my yard because of the fence. Tulips are my favorite. :)

But it's autumn now and my yard looks wonderful.

I planted this tree myself.
It's called "Autumn Blaze" (naturally),
what else would I plant?
My mums look great.
The deer didn't get them this year either!
My maple trees are doing great
(except for one which is unfortunately dying).
 My house is surrounded by autumn color
because I planned it that way. :)
Love this season.
My walk in Memory Grove this afternoon was fabulous.

Autumn colors now and tulips in the spring.

Life is good.

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